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Do you receive your fax by email?

You are using an electronic fax email provider like popfax, efax, ifax,...? This software is done for you, it is based on Automatic Email Manager and let you receive your fax directly to your printer or store them on disk.
Very easy to use and setup, it will let you add different actions like printing your fax, reply by email,...
It works with any electronic fax providers sending your fax by email, i let you try it and if you have any question just contact us ».

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Customer feedback

Works great in our situation where we gave up a dedicated fax line and have all faxes converted to email. Junk faxes are never printed and the faxes we need are printed and printed in the quantity needed. Easy and intuitive to use.

Randy / USA

In a day and age where you have difficulties getting support for application. Namtuk is the exception!!! They are quick to provide support for issues or any bugs that may have surfaced. THANK YOU!!!

Diamond Pharmacy Services / USA


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It is one time fee and it is only $89

Discount starts from 2 computers
A license is for 1 computer, you cannot install same license on multiple computers.
This is NOT an annual payment, you can use your version it as long as you want. All minor updates are free, you receive a great discount for major update (version 6 to version xx).


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