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Online fax in enterprise


PRINT MY FAX is an automatic tool to receive online faxes in PDF or Tif format and send them directly to the appropriate printer in your organization. It's very simple to set up, and you can choose whether to print just the fax or the coversheet.
Manage each fax number account and assign the appropriate printer (local or network printer), just as you would connect a phone line to an old fax machine.
Receive official quotes, invoices, orders, reports, contracts, etc. automatically.


You can also move fax emails to an archive folder after printing to keep your inbox clean.


After entering your email fax account(s), you don't need to do anything further; it runs locally in the background of your computer / tablet / server, even if no user is logged in (runs as Windows service).

Windows 10, 8, 7 Windows server 2012, 2016, 2019 Mac Os not yet available

Discover here how it is easy to connect your internet fax provider to PRINT MY FAX application »


Office 365 - Gmail - Exchange - Yahoo - Hotmail/Outlook - IMAP/POP


What is an online fax / internet fax?

Nowadays, faxes are received (and sent) electronically in the form of an email with a fax attached in PDF or TIF images. You no longer require the old fax machine; instead, all you need is an online fax service that allows you to receive and send faxes using your existing fax number or a new one. The costs are much lower than a traditional fax machine, and there is no need for a dedicated phone line ;)

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Print My Fax is a 100% local software; there is no cloud, and no data is stored outside of your computer.

Your data is your data, and just like you, we want to keep our documents private. Print My Fax is a local software that only runs and processes your data on the computer/server where it is installed. Your privacy is essential.

Print My Fax VS Automatic Email Manager

Print my fax is based on Automatic Email Manager, the #1 productivity tool for your incoming emails, but it has fewer settings and actions; PMF is aimed at online fax owners.

Automatic functions Print My Fax Automatic Email Manager
Print email body - Yes
Print attachments (FAX) Yes Yes
Save email body - Yes
Save attachments - Yes
Save email in PDF - Yes
Mark email as read Yes Yes
Move email to folder Yes Yes
Copy email to folder - Yes
Delete email - Yes
Execute external program/script - Yes
Send / Reply / Forward email - Yes
Number of account Unlimited Unlimited
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