Print My Fax VS Automatic Email Manager

Print my fax is based on Automatic Email Manager, the #1 productivity tool for your incoming emails, it is simpler, lighter in settings and actions, Print My Fax is target for online fax owner with minimal functions.

Automatic functions Print My Fax Automatic Email Manager
Print email body - Yes
Print attachments (FAX) Yes Yes
Save email body - Yes
Save attachments - Yes
Save email in PDF - Yes
Merge email & attachments in single PDF - Yes
Mark email as read Yes Yes
Move email to folder Yes Yes
Copy email to folder - Yes
Delete email - Yes
Change email subject - Yes
Change email category - Yes
Execute external program/script - Yes
Send / Reply / Forward email - Yes
Send email's data to Microsoft Teams - Yes
Send email's data to Telegram - Yes
Send email's data to Slack - Yes
Send notification to your mobile - Yes
Send HTTP command (API) - Yes
Download files from links in email body - Yes
Create list of emails address - Yes
Decompress zip file - Yes
Number of account Unlimited Unlimited
Works 100% locally Yes Yes
Number of actions per account 1 print / 1 move Unlimited

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